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Apps That Can Help Individuals Unwind

It can be easy to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life. While technology can sometimes make it more difficult to unplug due to the instant notification of emails or text messages, there are some smartphone apps designed to help users relax. Here are just a few stress-free apps to explore:

  • QualityTime – With this app, users can set limits for how long they want to spend on an app each day. Once they’ve reached the maximum time, they’ll get a notification, helping them to remain mindful of how long they use each app.
  • Headspace – This is an ideal app for individuals who are new to meditating or simply want a bit more guidance when doing so. Each session is guided by voiced instructions, such as, “clear your mind” and “feel your body become lighter,” along with positive reinforcement.
  • Calm – This app includes a variety of guided meditation sessions that can be chosen by different topics, such as deep sleep, happiness, and self-esteem. It also has different background sounds, such as ocean and forest options, helping users feel like they’re being transported to a serene setting.
  • Long Sleep Breathing – Being mindful of one’s breathing can be an effective way to relax, which is why this app centers on having users complete different breathing exercises.

In addition to using these apps, one way to relax is to take a stroll through the beautiful outdoor areas found in PepperTree Apartment Homes. To learn about our apartments near The Villages, FL, contact our office today.