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The Health Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Not only is chocolate one of the most popular desserts – it can also be good for one’s health. Dark chocolate, specifically, is said to have a wide array of health benefits. In order to enjoy the following possible health perks, the selected chocolate should have liquor or cocoa – not sugar – as its first ingredient. Dark chocolate bars that meet this requirement are said to also:

  • Lower blood pressure – Dark chocolate contains plant-based nutrients called flavanols that can cause the lining of arteries to produce nitric oxide. This gas causes arteries to dilate, which in turn can reduce blood pressure.
  • Lower bad cholesterol – Cocoa powder has been shown to decrease bad cholesterol, partly due to its many antioxidants.
  • Improves your skin – The flavanols in dark chocolate may not only help lower blood pressure, but studies have shown that they might also protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Helps you stay focused – Since flavanols help expand blood vessels, they also result in increased oxygen and blood flow to the brain, which can help increase one’s focus for up to two to three hours.

Considering all the benefits above, those who opt to not indulge in chocolate may choose to do otherwise next time. That’s because anyone who eats dark chocolate gets to satisfy their sweet tooth while also potentially doing something good for their health.

As a resident, you can store dark chocolate or any other snacks of your choosing in the spacious cabinets and pantry found in our apartments. If you’d like to learn about our apartments near The Villages, FL, contact us today.