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The Benefits of Different Types of Teas

Tea is a popular drink of choice for many people. That’s not surprising considering that tea is relatively low-cost and is believed to have important health benefits. Some of these good-for-you teas include:

  • Green tea – There’s practically a new article every week about the benefits of green tea. That’s because there are a wide array of ailments that green tea is believed to help improve, including depression, heart disease, and even tooth decay. While some these benefits may sound too good to be true, it might be worth trying to see what positive effects green tea can have on your health.
  • Black tea – This type of tea is believed to promote a healthy digestive system thanks to its tannins. The alkylamine antigens in black tea may also help strengthen your immune system. Additionally, black tea may help promote stress relief, provide antioxidants, and improve oral health by diminishing plaque formation in teeth.
  • Ginger tea – One of the major benefits of ginger, including ginger tea, is that it is said to help alleviate nausea and an upset stomach. Ginger tea is also believed to relieve congestion due to the common cold, as well as help improve blood circulation.

Regardless of which type of tea you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy it even more in a relaxing atmosphere, like the one you’ll find in PepperTree Apartment Homes. If you want to live close to The Villages, we are the apartments nearby and are happy to offer a wide array of amenities. To learn more about us or about how you can become a resident of PepperTree, contact us today.