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Different Essential Oils and Their Uses

There are some people who swear by the medicinal effects of essential oils, whereas others simply enjoy the smell. When used with a diffuser, essential oils can be an effective way to add a pleasant smell to a room or, if diluted, can also be used as a body fragrance.
Here are some popular essential oils and their most common uses:

  • Lemon – This essential oil is said to promote a good mood and help relieve an upset stomach. Some have suggested that lemon oil should be diffused to help with congestion.
  • Lavender – The scent of lavender is known for its calming effects and fresh fragrance, which is why many sleep-promoting products, such as certain lotions, soaps, and perfumes, tend to use it.
  • Peppermint – This essential oil is said to be invigorating. Some individuals also say that diluted peppermint oil can help alleviate headaches when applied to the temples, as well as relieve sinus pressure when massaged onto the forehead and back of the neck.
  • Jasmine – The sweet, pleasing scent of jasmine is said to relax the mind, promote self-confidence, and support the skin’s appearance.

Even if you don’t use any of the essential oils above, you’ll find yourself feeling happy and relaxed when you make our apartments near The Villages, FL your home. Our impressive amenities, pleasing aesthetics, and convenient location will help you fall in love with PepperTree Apartment Homes. Call us today to learn more about our community or to schedule a tour of our property.