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How to Host a Successful Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy football is a great way to make football season even more exciting than it already is. It also gives friends the opportunity to get together for a fun-filled evening filled with strategy and friendly trash-talk. Being the host of a draft means that you are responsible for making the draft run smoothly along with a plethora of other responsibilities. Here are a few things you can do to ensure a successful draft:

  • Be prepared with the essentials – Provide everybody in your league with a list of the top players and a pen so that they can have something to look at. As players are drafted, instruct everyone to cross them off of the list so that time is not wasted by having people try and draft players who have already been chosen. Have a large draft board that contains each owner’s name on top and empty spaces underneath for each round so that owners can fill their picks underneath to make it easy to keep track of each owner’s players.
  • Keep things organized – Have all owners vote on the rules and what points will be worth before the draft and go with the majority vote. Depending on how certain points are scored, owners will be influenced on how they draft their players. Have everyone sit in a circle that is organized by their draft numbers, this will make it simple for everyone to know when it is their turn and will prevent people from drafting out of turn. Set a time limit for picks and stick to it. There is always at least one person who takes forever to make a pick, so a time limit can prevent an already long process from becoming a longer one.
  • Provide food and drinks – Be sure to have plenty of food on hand and refreshments as well. The rest of the fantasy football season is done online and you may not see many of the other owners until the next draft, so enjoy this time. This is not a dinner party so don’t worry about cooking or anything like that — this is supposed to be fun. Just relax, order some pizzas, have some drinks, and enjoy your draft.

PepperTree Apartment Homes are the perfect place to host a fantasy football draft. If you would like to take a tour of any of our apartments by The Villages or see the amazing amenities we have to offer, please contact us or stop by today.

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