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Must-Try Subscriptions Boxes for Foodies

It’s no surprise that subscription boxes consisting of different foods have become hugely popular. That’s because signing up for these types of boxes can be an excellent way to try food items that many may not have otherwise considered trying. And, the best part is that these meals can be enjoyed right from the comfort of one’s home!

Anyone who considers themselves a foodie may want to get a subscription for the following boxes:

  • Try the World – True to its name, Try the World is one way to try foods from all around the globe. Each month, you’ll get a box from a specific country, which can include items like cookies, teas, rice, chips, and other non-refrigerated foods. It’s a fun way to try international food items without having to pay for a vacation abroad.
  • Treatsie – Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, Treatsie sends its subscribers artisanal sweets from confectioners all around the U.S. Those who sign up for this box can expect treats like candied popcorn, hot cocoa powder, and peanut brittle, just to name a few.
  • Bon Appetit – Considering France is known for its importance in the culinary world, it’s no surprise that there’s a subscription box dedicated entirely to food items from this country. Bon Appetit boxes include 7-8 gourmet items that range from sweet to savory.

Anyone who decides to order any of these subscription boxes will have ample room to store them in the spacious pantries found in all of our PepperTree apartment homes. Our apartments, located next to The Villages, FL, also come equipped with top-of-the-line fixtures, glass top stoves, and 18-cubic-foot refrigerators. To learn more about our community, contact us today.