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Three Foreign Films to Watch

Watching foreign films can be a fun, entertaining way to learn more about another country’s culture. Although most films tend to be about universal topics like personal relationships and professional challenges, it can be fascinating to explore how individuals from different nations explore these themes through the medium of film.

Since the movies that are advertised in the U.S. are often only domestic films, it can be tricky knowing which international movies to watch. Anyone seeking movie recommendations may want to consider watching one of these foreign films:

  • Amour (2012) – This French romantic drama centers around an elderly couple named Anne and Georges. When Anne falls ill, Georges strives to keep his promise of having Anne live comfortably at home instead of in a hospital.
  • The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) – Known as “El secreto de sus ojos,” this Argentine-Spanish film tells the story of a retired criminal investigator who is writing a novel about an unsolved crime from earlier in his career. By exploring the case years after having investigated it, the main character, Benjamin, learns shocking new details.
  • Amelie (2001) – This quirky, lighthearted French film follows a young woman who helps those around her, eventually discovering her own happiness.

Individuals can watch any of these films within the comfort of our apartments close to The Villages. Our apartments have features like deep pile carpeting, color-coordinating blinds, and wood-trimmed windows. To learn more about our community, contact PepperTree Apartment Homes today.