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Fun Card Games You Can Play at Home

If you’re sick of watching TV and are looking for a different way to spend time with your friends or loved ones, consider playing some card games. There are so many card games you can play with just a single deck that you’re sure to find a fun game everyone will enjoy. Here are a few card games for you to consider:

  • War – Deal out cards to every player until the deck is empty. Then at the same time, every player flips over a card from the top of their pile and the player with the highest card wins that round and adds them to his/her pile. If the top two cards are the same a war is declared and those two players must put three cards face down and then flip the fourth over, the highest card wins the war and all the cards from that round, including the three that were face down. The player to acquire all of the cards wins.
  • Go Fish – Each player is dealt 5 cards with the remaining cards put into a pile in the middle. Each player then takes turns asking a specific player if they have a card that matches a card in their hand. If that player does have the specific card requested, they must hand it over, if they don’t, they say “go fish” and the player must take a card from the pile. The player who has the most pairs of cards at the end is declared the winner.
  • Spoons – Create a deck that contains all four of the same ranking cards for each player playing. For example, if there are 4 players playing, make a deck that has four separate sets of four (such as all of the 2s,3s, 4s, and 5s) and deal them one at a time to each player. Place one less spoon than you have players in the middle of the players, so for this example, 3 spoons. Then pass the cards one at a time to the player on your left until one player gets four-of-a-kind. That player then grabs a spoon and the other players can then try and grab the remaining spoons. The player without a spoon is eliminated, and you continue that process until only one player is left with a spoon.

 Our apartments at The Quarters are perfect for a night of fun card games with friends. For more information about our apartments near The Villages, or to schedule a tour to see one of our beautiful apartments for yourself, call or stop by our leasing office today.