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Healthy Habits to Begin Implementing at Our Apartments near The Villages, FL

There are many benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle, not the least of which are having more energy and reducing the risk of contracting certain diseases. Living a healthy lifestyle means engaging in numerous good-for-you habits. These habits can be big, such as getting regular exercise, or small, such as taking a multivitamin every morning. But they can all add up in the end to better physical health and sounder mental wellbeing.

Most physicians agree on the following list of healthy habits:

• Sleeping for seven to nine hours every night

• Drinking plenty of water (the Institute of Medicine recommends 13 cups per day for men and 9 cups per day for women)

• Eating six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables every day

• Begin every morning with a healthy breakfast that includes the proper amounts of fat, protein, and fiber

Living a healthier life doesn’t have to require huge, sweeping changes happening all at once. Instead, experts recommend that it can help to pick one healthy habit from the above list and begin to implement it in a small way, such as eating four servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, building up to eating the recommended six to eight.

PepperTree Apartments near The Villages, Florida, feature nine-foot ceilings with crown molding, glass top stoves, oversized maple and oak kitchen cabinets, and full-sized washer/dryer hookups. In addition, they come in professionally decorated color schemes. To learn more, contact us today or stop by our leasing office to take a tour of our community.