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Healthy Ways to Snack at Our Apartments near The Villages, FL

For many people, the topic of snacking brings about thoughts of chips, cookies, and similar junk foods. And for those trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, snacking may seem counterintuitive. But many doctors and researchers consider proper snacking as a way help people stay on track with their health goals. Having a snack can curb overeating, boost metabolism, help regulate blood sugar, and help people feel fuller throughout the day.

Here are some options for healthier snacks to keep on hand at our apartments near The Villages, Florida:

• Sliced tomatoes with a sprinkle of feta cheese and olive oil

• Air-popped popcorn

• Light or Greek yogurt

• String cheese

• Granola bars

• Carrots with hummus

• Turkey jerky

• Pretzels

• Almonds

• Pumpkin seeds

• Fruit

• Celery sticks with peanut butter

• Cucumbers and cheese

• Turkey slices

• Shelled edamame

When choosing a healthy snack, it’s important to remember to avoid sugary items and foods that have a lot of calories. A healthy snack should be high in nutritional value, and can be a filling, delicious treat to have in between meals.

At PepperTree Apartment Homes, we offer spacious, beautiful apartments that come in three different coordinating color schemes (beige, taupe, or gray) reflected throughout the apartment. Each apartment comes equipped with a large refrigerator and spacious pantry to keep your healthy snacks, plus nine-foot ceilings with crown molding and a full-size washer and dryer hook-up. To learn more, call us today or stop by our leasing office.