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Fun Board Games to Play with Family or Friends at Your Apartment

If you’re looking to spend a quiet night in with family or friends, but you’re tired of just watching TV, having a game night is a great idea. There are countless board games out there with options for every preference so you can get everyone involved in a fun evening. Here are a few game ideas for you to consider:

  • Monopoly – If you’re looking for a truly classic board game, you can’t go wrong with Monopoly. This game involves purchasing property with colorful money, building hotels, and avoiding jail.
  • Scrabble – Want a game that’s as educational as it is entertaining? Scrabble is for you. Using letter blocks, you’ll take turns creating words that build off each other.
  • Clue – For a game that involves some strategizing, try Clue. You’ll solve a murder mystery while playing this family favorite. 
  • Uno – If you’re in the mood for a card game, Uno is an option the whole family can enjoy. You’ll draw and discard cards hoping to be the first player to shout, “Uno!” and get rid of all their cards.

Your PepperTree apartment home is a wonderful place to hold a low-key game night. Just make some snacks, set up your chosen game around the table, and get to playing.

If you’re interested in apartments for rent near The Villages, FL, contact PepperTree’s leasing office. We would be happy to offer you more information about our beautiful apartment homes and give you a tour of our community.