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Simple Ways to Help Prevent Cavities

Oral health is a crucial component of one’s overall wellbeing. Gingivitis and periodontal disease, for instance, can lead to infections in the lungs, as well as cardiovascular disease. The good news is that there are simple things everyone can do to protect their teeth. Anyone who’s especially interested in preventing cavities might benefit from the following tips:

  • Try to brush and floss after every meal. Small toothbrushes and travel-sized toothpastes can be purchased in almost any convenience or grocery store, making it easier for people to bring these handy oral health tools into work or carry them in school.
  • If a toothbrush or floss is not available, it’s a good idea to rinse with tap water  after eating, especially if anything sugary was consumed.
  • When flossing, try to curve the floss around each tooth, almost making a horseshoe shape, and slide it down to the base of the tooth. When sliding the floss down, make sure to make contact with the gums before sliding it back up. This is an effective way to remove leftover food that could otherwise lead to decay between teeth.
  • Use a prescribed toothpaste. Dentists can prescribe special toothpastes to those who are prone to cavities. These prescribed toothpastes have about 1.1% sodium fluoride, whereas over-the-counter toothpastes tend to have about .22%.

If you follow the tips above, you might feel more confident knowing your smile is a healthy one. You’ll have a reason to smile if you decide to check out our apartments near The Villages, FL. That’s because our apartment homes come with a number of desirable features, including nine-foot ceilings, spacious bathrooms, and sit-down vanities, just to name a few. To learn more about our community, contact us today.