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Musical Artists to Enjoy While Relaxing

Music can be a wonderful way to unwind for anyone feeling stressed or just plain worn-out. For those who have been searching for musical artists to listen to specifically during times when they want to relax, consider exploring these singers:

  • Damien Rice – This Irish singer-songwriter released his first album in 2002. Many of his songs are tinged with melancholy, introspection, and acoustic guitar, as evidenced by the lyrics of his famous song “The Blower’s Daughter”: “And so it is / Just like you said it would be / Life goes easy on me / Most of the time.”
  • Jack Johnson – Those looking for a more lighthearted singer are likely to enjoy Jack Johnson’s songs, which are known for their soft, beachy sounds. One of his most famous tunes is titled “Better Together” and includes lyrics like, “Love is the answer / At least for most of the questions in my heart.”
  • Norah Jones – Listeners who enjoy a smooth and jazzy voice will probably find themselves captivated by the music of Norah Jones. As opposed to Rice and Johnson, Jones’s songs rely more on piano melodies than on guitar. “Sunrise” is one of her most recognizable songs and begins with the lines, “Sunrise, sunrise / Looks like mornin’ in your eyes.”

Regardless of the kind of music you prefer, it’ll be difficult not to find yourself feeling relaxed when you make PepperTree apartments your home. Thanks to our crystal blue community pool, welcoming clubhouse, and gorgeous landscape, every day will feel like a getaway. To learn more about the benefits of living in our apartments by The Villages, FL, contact us today.