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Surprising Ways to Save Energy in Our Apartments Near The Villages

Most people are familiar with the common ways to save energy, such as turning off lights when they leave the room. But there are other ways that people have found to decrease their electricity usage that may surprise you. Here are some tips on ways to save energy in your apartment that you may not have heard before:

• Put lamps in corners - the light will reflect off the walls, which creates ambient light. This means you can switch to a lower wattage bulb and get the same amount of light as if you had a higher-wattage bulb in a lamp in the middle of the room.

• Change your air filter – replacing the filter in your air conditioning/heating unit monthly saves energy because it is easier for the system to pull air through a clean filter. The dirtier the filter is, the harder the HVAC unit has to work, which increases its energy consumption. If you have any questions about replacing the air filter in your PepperTree apartment, feel free to contact the office with questions.

• Full loads of laundry – whether you do a large load or a small load, the amount of energy used by the washer and dryer is nearly the same. You will save energy by only doing full loads of laundry.

• Choose an ENERGY STAR® TV – if you have decided to upgrade your television, choose one that has the ENERGY STAR® rating. Televisions with this designation have been deemed to be more energy efficient than other televisions.

Consuming less energy isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s also beneficial to the environment. By following these tips you can see savings on your energy bill while also helping the planet.

To learn more about PepperTree apartments near The Villages, fill out the contact form on this website or call us today. We will happily give you a tour of our beautiful apartment community.