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Snacks You Can Prepare in Under Five Minutes

Whether you’re planning to watch a movie, host a get-together, or just feel like eating something in between meals, there’s really never a bad time to enjoy a snack. When the craving hits you, why settle for a run-of-the-mill bag of chips or cookies when you can make a delicious snack instead? Here are a few snack ideas that can be made in under five minutes:

  • Fruit dip – Take a cup of sour cream, 2tsp of cinnamon, and 2tsp of brown sugar, and mix them all together in a bowl. Then take pieces of fruit, such as pineapples and strawberries, and stick them onto a skewer. Dunk the fruit into your homemade dip and enjoy.

  • Apple quesadillas – Cut slices of apples into thin strips and place them onto a tortilla. Then, sprinkle cheese over the apples and fold the tortilla over to make a quesadilla. Place the quesadilla in a skillet and cook on the stove until the cheese is melted.

  •  Nutty pretzel wands – Take long pretzel sticks and smear peanut butter on them until they are completely covered. Then, roll them in a pile of peanuts until each pretzel stick is covered.

The large and roomy kitchens at PepperTree Apartment Homes are perfect for making these quick and delicious snacks. If you’re interested in moving into one of our apartments next to The Villages, FL, contact us or stop by our leasing office today.