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Two Social Media Giants: Understanding Facebook and Twitter

Many of us have heard of the most popular social media websites – namely Facebook, which has about 1.7 billion active users, and Twitter, which has approximately 317 million users. But while most people have heard of these websites, not everyone is sure of how they differ from one another. If this applies to you, you may find the information below helpful:

  • Facebook – The most popular social media website is known for its versatility. Users can post pictures, text, and notes (which are the equivalent of blog posts) about their preferred topics. Unlike Twitter, which has a character limit of 140, Facebook has a limit of 63,206 characters, allowing most users to write to their heart’s content. Facebook members have the option of interacting with one another by commenting, sharing, and reacting to posts, as well as through private messages and Facebook chat.

  • Twitter – This website is ideal for those who mainly want to share short blurbs about their daily lives. Twitter users choose the individuals they want to follow. The tweets written by the people they’re following will then show up on their main feed, or main page. Like Facebook, Twitter allows its users to share pictures and to send private messages to each other. Twitter is especially popular with journalists, partly due to its real-time main feed, and with celebrities.

Facebook, Twitter, and a handful of other social media websites have gained global recognition for their important role in changing the way society communicates. For instance, people in different countries can easily and instantly interact with each other through the use of these websites. Websites like Facebook and Twitter, when used properly, can help users to get to know one another other better and create a more fortified global community.

You don’t have to have Facebook, Twitter, or any other type of social media to get in touch with the leasing office at PepperTree apartments. Instead, you can simply call or to learn more about our apartments by The Villages, FL.