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Storage Hacks for Small Bathrooms

Is your bathroom counter littered with cosmetics? Do you constantly end up tossing your clean towels on the floor? If so, you probably don’t have enough storage space. This can quickly turn your small bathroom into a cluttered mess. Thankfully, however, there are some helpful storage hacks you can follow to maximize the space in your small bathroom. For example, you can:

Add Under-the-Sink-Storage

Many small bathrooms have pedestal sinks, which, though beautiful, offer almost no storage space. You can create space by placing a wrap-around shelf beneath the sink. Or, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can sew a skirt to fit around your pedestal sink. Then, you can hide baskets behind the skirt.

Buy an Over-the-Toilet Shelf

The wall space behind your toilet can be easily transformed into storage space with an over-the-toilet shelf. You can find a wide variety of stylish and affordable over-the-toilet shelving units at most home goods stores.

Hang Towel Racks on Your Bathroom Door

Most bathrooms have at least one towel rack, but that isn’t always enough, especially if there are multiple people living in your home. You can add additional racks in a bathroom with minimal wall space by mounting them on the back of the bathroom door.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

If you’re ready to throw in the towel all together and want to move into a space with a bigger bathroom, consider the Pepper Tree Apartments, located near The Villages, Florida. Our apartment homes feature plenty of storage space, and each unit is equipped with a walk-in closet and a linen closet. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour of our community.