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Storage Hacks for Small Bedrooms

A lack of storage space makes it virtually impossible to keep your bedroom clean, as your clothes, shoes, and other belongings end up strewn all over your floor and furniture. But just because you’re stuck in a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to deal with minimal storage space. To help maximize the room you do have, follow these storage hacks for small bedrooms

Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture

When furnishing a small bedroom, you’ll definitely want to consider buying furniture that offers more than one function. For example, you could purchase a headboard with shelving, a bed frame with built-in drawers, or a storage bench that doubles as a vanity seat.

Create Space Beneath Your Bed

If you’re not quite ready to buy a new bed frame, you can make use of the space beneath the one you already have by purchasing risers. Risers are fairly inexpensive and can be placed under the posts of your bed frame in order to lift it higher up off the floor, creating additional space underneath. Then, simply purchase a few under-the-bed storage containers to slide into your new storage area.

Hang Your Hamper

Laundry baskets take up a lot of valuable floor space. You can take that space back and put it to better use by investing in a hamper that hangs over the back of your closet or bedroom door.

Ready to Upgrade Your Space?

If you’d like to live in an apartment home with spacious bedrooms and walk-in closets, contact The Pepper Tree Apartments. We have apartment homes available for rent at our community near Wildwood, FL, and we’d love to give you a tour.