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Tips to Feel More Energized During the Day

Staying awake and energized during the day can often be challenging. Simply consider the large selection of energy drinks and widespread popularity of coffee shops, and it becomes evident that many people are often fighting the desire to lay down and take a nap. However, when we have errands to run or items to check off our to-do list, it’s important to feel energized during the day, which is why individuals may want to consider trying the following tips to ward off tiredness:

  • If you find yourself constantly looking at a computer screen, you may experience fatigue as a result of eyestrain. In order to address this, consider periodically looking away from the screen.
  • Whereas foods that are high in sugar may cause a temporary spike in energy and then a sudden crash, eating a healthy snack can help improve energy and concentration.
  • Meditating in order to feel energized may seem counterproductive, since meditation is often associated with feelings of relaxation. However, deep-breathing exercises can raise blood oxygen levels and ultimately contribute to increased mental performance and energy.
  • If all else fails, a power nap can help take the edge off sleepiness. In order to avoid feeling groggy upon waking, it’s recommended that the nap last around 20 minutes.

Another way to feel energized is to spend time in fresh air. Here at PepperTree Apartment Homes, we have manicured outdoor spaces and a gorgeous apartment community. To learn more about our apartments near The Villages, contact us today.