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Learning about Different Types of Cacti

One of the reasons cacti stand out from other plants is because they are low maintenance. A cactus does not require much water and the plant is fairly tolerant to varying climatic conditions. Furthermore, cacti can have bright colors and are aesthetically pleasing, making them a popular potted plant for homes and apartments. Here are some different types of cacti that people might grow in their homes:

  • Pincushion cactus – The delicate, silky thorns on this plant cause it to resemble a pincushion, hence its name. They usually grow in clusters and can also sprout small flowers and long, red berries. 
  • Beavertail cactus – Also known as beavertail pricklypear and Opuntia basilaris, this cactus is low-growing, reaching only 6 to 12 inches in height, and includes bright magenta-colored flowers.
  • Ruby ball cactus – One of the most popular cacti, this plant has a Gymnocalycium, or chin cactus, at the top, which often looks like a bright red or yellow cactus-like flower. These cacti should be kept out of direct sunlight, although they thrive in bright indoor light. Additionally, the soil should become completely dry before they’re watered again.
  • Fairy castle cactus – This cactus is native to North America and grows vertical stems of different heights, causing it to resemble a traditional fairytale castle. This slow-growing plant can go on to reach a height of 6 feet and they rarely bloom any flowers.
Learn more about these plants by visiting the Fairfield Farm Nurseries or Just Perfect Plants, both which are located near our apartments by The Villages, FL. For more information about the benefits of living at PepperTree Apartment Homes, contact our office today.