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Unique Snack Ideas You Can Make at Your Apartment

Although there are a variety of store-bought snacks available at the grocery store, nothing beats the unique snacks that you can make right from your apartment. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or preparing a snack for you or a loved one, consider making one of these unique snacks that make snacking more fun:

  • Banana sushi – Peel a banana and coat it with your favorite peanut butter. Next, roll it in rice cereal until it is completely covered, then slice it into ½ inch slices. Finally, assemble the slices on a plate so that they resemble sushi rolls and enjoy.
  • Pepper Monster – Take a bell pepper, slice it in half, and gut out the bottom half so it can be used as a bowl. Next, slice different, colored peppers into strips and stack them inside the bell pepper so that they resemble hair. Finally, smear a little sour cream in a circle on the side of the pepper and put a small sliver from a black olive in the middle of it so that it looks like the pepper has one eye.
  • Waffle ice-cream sandwich – Toast two waffles and place one on a plate. Top it with your favorite ice cream, and then place the second waffle on top. This unique take on an ice-cream sandwich is delicious and can be enjoyed whenever you’re in the mood for a sweet treat.

Peppertree Apartment Homes have beautiful kitchens that are perfect for making these unique snacks. To learn more about our apartments near The Villages, stop by our leasing office or give us a call today.