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Popular Venezuelan Snacks

Not only is Venezuela a beautiful country full of valleys and mountains, but it also is home to some incredible cuisine. Among this cuisine are delicious snacks, some of which can be found in Latin markets around Florida. Those who want to enjoy popular Venezuela snacks can start by trying out the following ones:

  • Pirulin – Typically sold in 6-ounce tin cans, Pirulins are rolled wafers with a creamy filling of hazelnuts and chocolate. These can be enjoyed with coffee, ice cream, or on their own.

  • Nucita – Comparable to Nutella, typical Nucita is a chocolate and hazelnut cream. However, it also comes in strawberry and vanilla flavors.

  • Samba – Samba bars consist of thin wafers separated by thin, sweet layers of strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut, or peanut filling.

  • Cheese Tris – Similar to Cheetos, Cheese Tris are cheese-flavored corn puffs that are often enjoyed as a savory treat.

  • Cricri – Individuals who love a sweet and crunchy snack will most likely enjoy Cricri, which is a delicious combination of milk chocolate and rice crisps, similar to a Crunch bar by Nestle.

  • Cocosette – These candy bars are similar to Samba bars because they also consist of crunch cookie wafers. The main difference is that Cocosettes are filled with a rich coconut cream.  

  • Flips – One of the most popular cereals in Venezuela, Flips are small squares made with rice, wheat, and oats, and filled with a chocolate or dulce de leche cream. They can be enjoyed with milk, although may people eat them on their own.

If instead of a snack, you’re craving a meal, you’ll be glad to know that there are several delicious Venezuelan restaurants located an hour or so from our apartments near The Villages, FL. To learn about PepperTree Apartment Homes, contact us today.