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A Guide to Taking Vitamins at Our Apartments near The Villages, FL

Vitamins are essential to living a healthy life. They help in many different ways – from boosting memory to aiding in digestion to improving vision. The good news is, many vitamins are found in food. For most people, simply eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and dairy is enough to ensure they are getting the recommend daily intake of vitamins.

Below is a list of four essential vitamins and the foods they are found in:

• Vitamin A – carrots, eggs, sweet potatoes, milk, fortified cereals, kale, mangos, cantaloupe, apricots, and peaches

• Vitamin B6 – cereal grains, carrots, spinach, milk, sunflower seeds, lean pork and beef, avocadoes, bananas, cheese, and fish

• Vitamin C – oranges, bell peppers, guavas, kiwis, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, papayas, and dark green leafy vegetables (such as kale)

• Vitamin K – kale, spinach, Swiss chard, parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, eggs, fish, and meat

For anyone deficient in the above vitamins, taking a supplement can help. Be sure to consult with a doctor about vitamin deficiency and follow the regimen that he or she recommends.

Our apartments near The Villages, Florida, come in professionally designed color schemes in beige, taupe, and gray, with the color reflected throughout the apartment to provide you a home of sophistication and luxury. We also offer an assortment of fine amenities, such as a zero entry pool, fully equipped fitness center, picturesque clubhouse, and air-conditioned full-sized indoor basketball court. Contact us today to learn more, or stop by our leasing office to take a tour.