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Easy Tricks to Clean the Bathrooms Our Wildwood, Florida Apartments

At PepperTree, all of our apartment options are professionally color-coordinated with one of three color schemes, allowing for a stylish apartment throughout the floor plan – from your living area to your bedroom to your bathroom. A feature we are particularly proud of is our color-coordinated bathrooms.

Let the bathrooms in our Wildwood, Florida apartments sparkle and shine with the following easy cleaning tricks.

  • Keep a squeegee in your shower. Use it at the end of your shower for a quick dry. Also, try a spray-and-walk-away shower cleaner for everyday shower freshness.
  • Use your bathroom fan. It will help keep the moisture to a minimum.
  • Have disinfectant wipes nearby for an easy cleanup of all surfaces every day.
  • Report any drips immediately to your maintenance staff.
  • Keep your toiletries in a small basket that can be tucked away quickly.

We want your experience at PepperTree to be the best it can be. Keeping your bathrooms clean and organized will not only make your apartment look better, but will help your day run smoother!