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Blow Drying Your Hair in Our Apartments in Wildwood, Florida

After a bath or shower, our bodies tend to dry pretty quickly, but our hair is a different story. Hair retains moisture exceptionally well, especially when we don’t want it to. Luckily, though, the invention of the blow dryer has helped to speed up slow-drying hair and can help residents of PepperTree Apartment Homes to dry their hair quicker and help it withstand the persistent Florida humidity.

When blow drying your hair in our apartments in Wildwood, Florida, be sure to:

  • Towel off your hair just slightly enough to stop it from dripping
  • Dry your hair section by section, focusing on one area at a time before moving on
  • Blow dry from the top down to help save time
  • Brush your hair throughout to keep it from getting tangled
  • Leave your hair ever so slightly damp
  • Finish the drying process with some cold air to help lock in your hair’s natural shine

And always remember to stay away from any pool of water, no matter how small, when using a blow dryer or any other corded electrical device. For more information about PepperTree Apartment Homes, please give our leasing office a call or stop by for a personal tour of the community.