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Choosing a Water Filter for Our Apartments near The Villages

Water filters are great to have on hand in your PepperTree apartment because they can save you time and money when you’d like to enjoy a glass of purified drinking water, and can also benefit the environment by reducing the waste caused by disposable water bottles. Water filters generally come in two varieties: pitcher filters and tap filters. The first variety is essentially a pitcher with a water filter built into the top, so that when you fill the pitcher with water, it goes through a filter that removes any impurities before you drink it. A tap filter, on the other hand, is an attachable filter that screws onto your kitchen faucet and purifies the water as the current passes through it.

While you can use either variety of filter at our apartments near the Villages, both types have definite pros and cons:

  • Pitcher filters – These filters allow you to keep chilled, filtered water in your refrigerator at all times, but each pitcher only holds about a gallon of filtered water at a time.
  • Tap filters – Tap filters can purify water continuously as it comes out of the faucet, so you can get as much filtered water as you want at any time. However, the water may not be as cold or refreshing as the refrigerated pitcher water, and tap filters require more frequent replacement than pitcher filters do.

No matter what method you choose, both styles of filtration can help you enjoy refreshing water right in your PepperTree apartment home. For any additional questions about our community, varieties of spacious apartments, or our community amenities, contact our front office today.