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Using a Cutting Board Properly in Our Apartments near The Villages, Florida

Cutting boards are wonderful inventions. They allow you to slice all the food you want and prepare it for cooking without having to harm your kitchen countertops at all. However, it is important to understand proper slicing and cleaning procedures for using a cutting board. And at our apartments near The Villages, Florida, we encourage our residents to follow proper cutting board procedures to prevent the possibility of injury or foodborne illnesses.

When using a cutting board in your Wildwood apartment, always remember to:

  • Wash the cutting board with soap and water to rid it of any bacteria that may be on it.
  • Cut all non-meat items first, as raw meat can contaminate other types of food. Always cut with the blade facing away from your body to prevent the possibility of injury.
  • Wash the cutting board with soap and water after cutting each different kind of food, and always wash it again after you have finished cutting.
When you’re finished using a cutting board, always be sure to store it in a place where it will stay dry. To find out more information about our apartments near The Villages, Florida and all that we have to offer to our residents, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page or stop by our leasing office today for a community tour.