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Learning About the History of Dogs in Our Wildwood, Florida Apartments

Many people have dogs as pets these days and, next to the housecat, canines are probably the most popular domesticated animal in the world. All modern dogs are believed to have originated from a common ancestor – the gray wolf. Researchers suggest that the gray wolf has been around since the end of the Blancan North American Stage, about 1,808,000 BP (Before Physics or Before Present).

The first domesticated dogs began to evolve from the wolf about 15,000 years ago. Canines were originally used for working, hunting, and protection. Since dogs are pack animals, they likely found benefits, like food and warmth, in acclimating themselves to migrating camps of nomadic humans. Researchers even believe that the migration across the Bering Strait would not have been possible without the use of sled dogs, which gives you a sense of how important dogs have been over the course of civilization.

Although canines did not share the same sanctified position as cats in Egyptian culture, dogs were very highly regarded in ancient urban civilizations as guardians of homes, and during the Middle Ages dogs were seen as status symbols. The wealthiest individuals were said to have had the largest dogs, which is why several very large breeds emerged during this period. In the 18th and 19th centuries, lapdogs became popular for ladies of leisure, as these animals implied that the women were well off enough not to have to work.

These days, it can’t be denied that dogs are indeed “man’s best friend.” PepperTree Apartment Homes is a pet friendly community that welcomes dogs (with certain restrictions). Please feel free to call our leasing office for details about our pet policies, or for more information about features of our Wildwood, Florida apartments or community amenities.