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Identifying an Ear Infection at Our Apartments for Rent Near The Villages

If you’ve ever had an ear infection, you know that it can cause blinding headaches and sharp ear pain that can sideline you for the rest of the day. Ear infections have a number of causes, but they can generally be defined as an often painful buildup of mucus in the outer or middle ear. Whether it is you or a loved one who suffers from ear infections, being able to recognize the symptoms can help you seek appropriate medical attention and treatment as soon as possible.

These are the symptoms most commonly associated with ear infections:

  • A persistent pain or throbbing in the ear

  • A constant buzzing, ringing, or cracking sound in the ear

  • Dizziness due to blockage in the middle ear

  • Headaches, which may be migraines or sinus headaches depending on the type of infection

  • Mild fevers and cold sweats

  • Protracted feelings of fullness, or pressure, in your ear

If you or someone you know is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, medical attention should be sought from a licensed doctor or other health practitioner. These professionals will be able to diagnose the condition properly and provide the treatment needed to help alleviate the ear infection.

At our well-appointed PepperTree Apartment Homes, we work hard to provide an atmosphere where all of our residents can live comfortably and relax. If you’re not yet a resident, and would like to learn about our apartments for rent near The Villages, please contact our leasing office today.