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Ironing Pants in Our Wildwood, Florida Apartments

There’s nothing that makes someone look elegant and professional like a pair of freshly ironed pants. All residents will need to iron their pants is an iron, an ironing board, some water to produce steam, and, of course, a pair of pants.

The spacious floor plans in our Wildwood, Florida apartments allow plenty of room to iron a pair of pants or anything else in a resident’s wardrobe. Follow these steps to successfully iron your pants:

  1. Fill the iron with water, plug it into an outlet, and turn it on to the proper fabric setting for the pants you will be ironing.
  2. Once the iron is hot, turn the pants inside out, place them on the ironing board, and iron the waistband and pockets.
  3. Turn the pants right side out, place them on the ironing board, and iron the area on the pants over the front and back pockets.
  4. Lay the pants lengthwise on the ironing board, matching up the seams going the length of the pants. If creases on the pants exist, make sure the folds go perfectly along the creases. The permanent creases also will help in matching the seams.
  5. Iron the pants, working from the middle toward the edges.
  6. Flip the pants over, still keeping the seams lined up, and iron the other leg.
  7. Pull the leg on top off the ironing board so that only the bottom leg remains on the ironing board, and iron the inside of it.
  8. Place the other leg on the ironing board with the inside facing upward, and iron it.
  9. Hang your pants quickly after ironing them to keep them wrinkle-free.

With these helpful tips, residents can cut down on their dry cleaning, and iron pants in the comfort of our Wildwood, Florida apartments.  If you would like more information on the spacious floor plans at PepperTree Apartment Homes, fill out a form on our Contact Us page or stop by for a tour to see our apartment homes yourself.