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Recovering from Jet Lag in Our Apartments in Wildwood, Florida

If you’ve ever taken a vacation abroad, you’re probably already familiar with the jet lag that can plague you upon stepping off the plane. The medical term for jet lag is actually “desynchronosis” and is your body’s response to traveling long distances and changing time zones. In general, jet lag is worse the farther apart the time change is, so jet lag that results from a trip between New York and Los Angeles would not be as severe as one between New York and Hong Kong.

If you’re returning to PepperTree Apartment Homes after a long journey, the luxurious and relaxing atmosphere of your apartment will certainly help you to decompress and recover from jet lag. However, the below tips may help you to recover more quickly:

  • Drink plenty of water and minimize your caffeine intake. Traveling can cause dehydration, which will inhibit your recovery process.
  • Try to adjust your sleep schedule to your current time zone as soon as possible. Avoid taking a nap for longer than two hours.
  • Exposure to sunlight and a small amount of mild exercise may help your body reset its internal clock.

Our apartments in Wildwood, Florida have a variety of amenities that can help you shed your case of jet lag so the only things you have leftover from your trip are souvenirs and wonderful memories. From the state-of-the art fitness center to the luxurious swimming pool, you’ll have no shortage of places to for relaxing activities. For more information about the features and amenities at PepperTree Apartment Homes, contact our leasing office today.