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Getting a Mental Workout at Our Apartments for Rent Near The Villages

Nearly everyone has misplaced their keys, lost an important item, or walked into a room and forgotten why they entered to begin with. If these events seem to occur to you frequently, then you should consider doing a few mental exercises to help keep your mind sharp. Much like any other part of the body, the brain needs constant activity to stay in shape. Exercising your brain is highly beneficial and can improve the memory and focus of almost anyone.

Here are a few fun daily mental exercises to try:

• Hold a conversation for fifteen minutes without using the words “I,” “me,” or “mine.” You’ll be surprised how challenging this seemingly simple task can be.

• Spend an hour a day without speaking except in answer to direct questions. Try this at gatherings or when you’re spending time with others. The goal is to stick to this challenge without appearing like you’re sulking, withdrawn, or unfriendly.

• When you’re doing simple calculations, whether it’s for a restaurant check or while paying monthly bills, avoid using a calculator at first and then double-check your answers with a calculator. Brushing up on your arithmetic skills will engage parts of your brain that you might not use as often anymore and help you regain a useful skill.

• Reading often will not only help to increase your vocabulary, but can be used every day as a memory and comprehension test. For example, if you read the same amount every day (say, about three chapters from a book) write down all the details from what you read in a day and use that slip of paper as a bookmark. The next time you read, try to recall as many details as you can, and then check yourself against your previous notes.

• Play fun brain games like crossword or Sudoku puzzles. Depending on your game of choice, these diversions can work everything from your linguistic skills to your mathematical acumen. You can even play online games, some of which (like Lumosity.com’s word bubbles game) can be played for free.

By using these mental exercises, many people are able to give their brains the amount of activity needed to stay sharp.

For information about why PepperTree apartments for rent near The Villages are a wonderful place to live, contact our leasing office today. We would love for you to visit our community and see firsthand all that our upscale apartment homes have to offer.