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Apartments in Wildwood, Florida, Are Perfect Places to Make Necklaces

PepperTree Apartment Homes get a lot of natural light and they’re extremely spacious, making them the perfect place to spread out and learn a new craft. Whether you’re looking for a rainy day activity or you want to sit down with a friend and let your creative juices flow, jewelry making is the perfect hobby for just about anyone with an artistic inclination.

PepperTree apartments in Wildwood, Florida, are great places to start learning the art of jewelry creation. Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to being the next Pierre Cartier:

  • Choose a variety of beads that you would like to string onto your necklace. They can be different shapes and sizes, and can come in materials like glass, plastic, gemstone, shell, or wood.
  • Decide whether you would like to use thin jewelry wire, string, or necklace cord for this project. Necklace cord is by far the most durable and most forgiving material to work with when you’re a beginner.
  • You will also need a pair of needle-nose pliers, a clasp, and crimp beads.

First, you’ll want to cut your necklace cord. Always cut more than you think you’ll need—you can always trim off the excess cord when you finish. Next, attach a clasp to one end by looping your cord through the clasp hook and securing it with a crimp bead. Simply string the bead and press it flat with your pliers. Attaching the clasp first means you can string your beads without fear that they’ll slip off the end of the cord. Now you can string your beads in any pattern you’d like. Once all the beads are strung, just use the second half of your clasp, a crimp bead, and your pliers to secure the other end.

Wear your beautiful new necklace to work or out on the town. It’s the perfect fashionable piece to go with your fashionable new PepperTree apartment in Wildwood, Florida. If you’d like more information about apartment features or community amenities, don’t hesitate to contact our leasing office.