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Going Orange Picking near Our The Villages, Florida Apartments

As a Florida resident, you’re probably well aware of our state’s reputation for producing a wide range of delicious citrus, most notably oranges, which are often in abundant supply at grocery stores and produce stands. However, did you know that many people pick their own oranges right from the orchard? Many orange groves and farms are open to the public on certain days, making for a perfect weekend activity that people can enjoy with friends and family. Not only are people able to pick great-looking fresh oranges, these excursions are often far less expensive than buying citrus at the grocery store.

When pursuing this hobby, many Floridians are surprised to learn that there are many different varieties of oranges grown in the Sunshine State, and they all have their own growing season. Those who want to know more about when and where to pick oranges near their Florida home can check the database at http://www.pickyourown.org/FLcitrus.htm for a complete calendar of in-season fruits and local farms. There are even several orange groves within a short drive of our The Villages, Florida, apartments.

Here are a few examples of oranges that can be picked only during certain times of the year:

  • November and December –Red Navel and Hamlin oranges

  • December and January – Ambersweet and Navel oranges

  • February – Temple oranges

Of course, those who prefer other types of citrus can also pick grapefruit, tangerines, and even tangelos in Florida.

For additional information about our community or other nearby destinations, contact our leasing office at PepperTree Apartment Homes today. If you’re just visiting our community for the first time, we’d love to give you a personal tour and show off our apartments and many amenities.