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Perfecting Your Resume in Our Wildwood, Florida Apartments

For those in the workforce,  a resume is an important document, but as life gets busier it can be hard to keep a resume updated. Even for those who don’t have a job or don't plan on plan on leaving a current position anytime soon, it’s still a wonderful idea to continually update a resume so that special skills acquired or accolades earned are not forgotten.

Ironically, the main piece of information that people most often list incorrectly is their personal contact information. If an address, phone number, or email address changes, it’s easy to overlook this when revising a resume for a job interview. In addition to keeping contact information current, individuals should be sure to:

  • Add any new computer skills that have been acquired since the last time the resume was revised.
  • Include any new awards or professional accolades earned.
  • List the last three jobs, which should be the equivalent of about 10 years in the workforce.
  • Verify references by making sure the contact information for each one is current.
  • Make the resume is scannable by using simple fonts, short descriptions, and relatively few instances of bold or italic font.
  • Ask someone else to read the resume each time it is updated– a fresh pair of eyes will always be able to offer suggestions.

PepperTree Apartment Homes offers a quiet and efficient business center that is a great place to perfect a resume. To find out about other community amenities at our Wildwood, Florida apartments, please don’t hesitate to contact our leasing office today.