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Selecting the Perfect High-Definition TV for You at Our Apartments in The Villages

If you are looking to upgrade your television, you have likely been overwhelmed by the plethora of HDTV options available in the modern marketplace. Do you choose plasma, LCD, or DLP? Does it have to be 1080i? Or is it 1080p? With so many variables, it is easy to see how a buyer might become confused without a little investigation and education. Fortunately, this article compiles some basic information about modern HD televisions, so you can make an informed decision without having to spend hours on research.

HD televisions come in a number of varieties. These include:

  • LCD – Liquid crystal display televisions are thin, have excellent brightness and picture quality, and have very little glare, but they are somewhat expensive and do not render deep blacks and grays as well as some of their counterparts.
  • Rear Projection – Rear projection televisions allow for some of the largest screen sizes available, but compared to modern LCD and plasma sets, they are comparatively bulky and have limited viewing angles. However, they are still a viable, lower-cost alternative for new HDTV owners.
  • DLP – Digital light projection televisions are similar to rear projection TVs, but have sharper picture quality and better contrast. However, they tend to still display a rainbow effect at a distance and do not work as well in brightly lit rooms.
  • Plasma – Plasma screens are thin, and generally speaking have the highest picture quality available. However, they can be expensive, and should you need a smaller television set, plasma TVs are not available in sizes smaller than 42”.
  • CRT – CRT sets have been in use since the inception of TV, and although their picture quality is lower than all of the other options, there are HD versions available that run on this proven, low-cost technology.

When it comes to definition, there are several different levels to be considered. To simplify the entire matter, the suffixes “p” and “i” stand for “progressive scale” and “interlaced scale,” respectively. 1080p is the highest resolution available, with approximately 2.1 megapixels per frame, followed by 1080i, with about 1 megapixel per frame, 720p, and then 720i. Anything with a definition rating lower than 720i is considered standard definition, not high definition. TVs with higher levels of definition are often more expensive, so the level of definition you choose in your new TV is entirely up to your preferences, as well as your budget.

At PepperTree Apartment Homes, we hope that this article has given you an idea of what kinds of televisions to look for when outfitting your home at our apartments in The Villages.