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Hooking Up a Washer and Dryer at our Apartments in Wildwood, Florida

Our residents are pleased to know that all of our apartments are equipped with full-size washer and dryer hookups. However, not everyone knows how to hook up a washer and dryer, but thankfully this task is fairly easy to accomplish.

To be able to do laundry inside our apartments in Wildwood, Florida, follow these installation steps:

  1. Place the washer and dryer in the area where the connections are.  The washer hookup should have two water connections and a standpipe, while the dryer should have a vent hole.
  2. Connect the washer first.  Match and connect the hot and cold water hoses on the washer to the valves on the wall.  Make sure the connections are secure.
  3. Place the drain hose that’s connected to the washer inside the standpipe.  Use duct tape to secure the drain hose’s connection to the standpipe.
  4. Connect the dryer vent that came with the dryer to the back of the dryer where the hole is, and use a vent clamp to secure it into place.
  5. Attach the other end of the dryer vent to the vent hole in the wall, and use a vent clamp to secure it into place.
  6. Plug in your washer and dryer, make sure everything is secure, and begin to do your own laundry.

If you wish to have a washer and dryer in your apartment, but do not want to install it yourself, stop by the nearest appliance store, like Best Buy or hhgregg, to see if they offer installation services or have a friend help you out. Also, feel free to contact the PepperTree leasing office with any questions about your washer-dryer hookups. If you would like more information about becoming a resident of PepperTree Apartment Homes, give our leasing office a call or stop by for a tour of our community.