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Small Apartment Décor: Best Beds for Space Saving

Little spaces need little furnishings; a sacrifice that not every apartment renter is willing to make—especially when it comes to choosing a bed for space saving. Since the average person will spend at least one-third of their lives sleeping, forgoing comfort for a small bed shouldn’t be an option. The alternative? Get creative with your sleeping arrangement!
There are many apartment-friendly, space-saving bed options to choose from for your small rental. What’s more, many of these options serve dual purposes! Here are some popular options for your apartment:

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are designed to fold away and camouflage into the background of a room, opening up the floor space when not in use. These are ideal for studio apartments, where floor space is coveted. Some murphy beds are also designed with bookcases or desks, helping you get the most from the unit.


Another great option for studios and apartments, daybeds can double as sofas and are extremely versatile in a small space. Most apartment dwellers and homeowners opt for daybeds in a bedroom/office, where they are trying to squeeze as much use from a space as possible.

Sofa Beds & Rollaway Beds for Guests

If you are an apartment owner who enjoys entertaining and has many visitors throughout the year, sofa beds and rollaway beds will serve as the ideal guest sleeping solution. In a small apartment, odds are you won’t have a spare room that can double as a guest room. Having an alternative at hand that is a bit fancier than an air mattress will help your guests sleep comfortably.

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