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Small Apartment Décor: Best Desk for Working at Home

Working from home is something that many homeowners have had to adjust to these past few months. But what about those people working from home out of an apartment? Is the adjustment easier or more difficult? What challenges does WFH “apartment style” pose for a renter? Many have accepted the challenge of acclimating to a home office without pause. For the apartment dweller, however, having a separate home office is probably not a feasible option—leaving them to creatively find a way to carve out an office space in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.
If you are struggling to make a home office work in your small apartment, the best place to start is at the desk. Tiny desks are WFH space savers for apartment renters and come in many unique shapes and styles for your space. Here are some of our favorite options:

Ladder Bookcase Desk

A desk in a small apartment? It’s possible if you are willing to get creative. And one of the best ways to do that is by looking for a desk with a dual purpose. Ladder bookshelves combine the best of both worlds, doubling as storage and a workspace without giving off the “office” look.

Folding Desk

If you enjoy working at a desk, but lack the space at home and don’t like to be restrained to one area, try a foldable desk! These units can be moved about your apartment and stored away on the weekends when you don’t want to be reminded of work.


Like the idea of having a small office space in your bedroom?  For small apartments, you can achieve this by choosing a desk that can also double as a nightstand. If you want to balance out the room with a second nightstand, just make sure that the desk and nightstand are the same height and color.
PepperTree Apartment Homes is a complex with the unique, contemporary apartments you’re looking for in the Wildwood, FL, area. Designed to feel like home, you’ll be able to comfortably from home.