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Wildwood Apartment Community Tip: Fitness Center Etiquette

Fitness advocates know that not all gyms and fitness centers are created equal. While some of them may have the right equipment, they may be unkempt and run-down, which makes for an unpleasant workout experience.

At PepperTree, we do our best to keep the fitness center a top-notch amenity at our Wildwood apartment community. To help us in this goal, we ask that all residents follow these standards for gym room etiquette:

  • To stay hydrated, please bring a water bottle for use during your workout.
  • Be considerate for your fellow fitness buddies by bringing a towel and wiping off machines after each use.
  • Monitor your noise level.
  • Try not to monopolize the machines. Be aware of others who are also using the fitness center and be considerate to your neighbors.

Along with clean equipment and a positive atmosphere, another great feature of the fitness center is that the cost is included in your monthly rent. Like our other community amenities, our fitness center is free of charge and is exclusively available to PepperTree residents.

If you would like to see our fitness center and other amenities at PepperTree in Wildwood, please stop by our neighborhood for a community tour. We look forward to showing you around!