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How Safe Is Your Apartment? Check Out These Home Burglary Statistics

Have you ever considered how safe your apartment is? Sure, you lock your doors every night and take other precautions to prevent burglars from entering your home, but are you really safe from theft even in quaint cities like Wildwood, Florida, or The Villages? In Florida alone, there are tens of thousands of home burglaries per year, with 71, 801 occurring in 2018. And, of these many burglaries, only 14,760 individuals have been arrested here in Florida.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

While these home burglary statics may seem staggering, thankfully, in the most recent years, home burglaries have decreased. In fact, in the last twenty years, we have seen a decrease in property crime of almost 50%. However, you can still never be too careful no matter which neighborhood you are living in. If you want to keep you, your family, and your belongings, safe, be sure to:

  • Lock your doors, and ensure that they are secure and reinforced at all times.
  • Invest in extra protection for your windows and patio doors, such as adding a shower curtain rod to the track.
  • Place lighting near the entrance of your home.
  • Close your blinds so that your valuables cannot be seen.
  • Keep quiet on social media as to not alert people when you are not home.
  • Invest in an alarm system.
  • Lock up your valuables, and keep them out of sight. 

Reside in Pepper Tree Apartments

Although you cannot always prevent crime, you can choose to stay in a safe living situation like Pepper Tree Apartments in Wildwood, FL. Our apartments near The Villages offer many advantages to area residents, including safe housing. If you would like to learn more about our apartments, then visit our leasing office, or contact us today.