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How to Move Bulky Furniture

Moving can be stressful, especially if you’re moving large and bulky pieces of furniture, such as bed frames, couches, tables, and chairs. Luckily, PepperTree Apartments near The Villages, Florida, has put together a guide of some of our best tips for moving bulky furniture into our apartments. The last thing we want is for you to damage your furniture or hurt yourself while trying to move these items into your beautiful new PepperTree apartment!

Buy Proper Equipment

There are numerous pieces of equipment you could purchase at your local hardware store that will allow you to move bulkier furniture with ease. For starters, furniture sliders can help you slide large items across the floor without damage to the item itself or the floor. Furniture sliders are simply small pieces of felt that allow the item to be slid or dragged with ease. You can also purchase or rent furniture dollies, which are flat platforms with four wheels. Once you load your item onto the dolly, it can be wheeled anywhere much more easily than being carried.

Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Furniture

To avoid damage to your apartment, furniture, or yourself, it’s important to always make sure you are prepared before trying to move furniture. If you believe an item cannot be safely moved using the recommended equipment above, it may be time to call a professional moving team to ensure your item safely reaches your new apartment.

PepperTree Apartments Can’t Wait to Have You

By now, you are probably excited to move all of your items into your new home at PepperTree Apartments near The Villages, FL. We hope you will use this guide as you prepare for move-in day to ensure all of your items safely make it into your new home!