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How to Organize a Small Apartment Bedroom

So, you moved to a small apartment and are now dealing with the world’s smallest bedroom. What can you do to maximize the room’s space? Get organized! While this process sounds easy in theory, it can easily become overwhelming—especially if you have a  lot of bedroom furniture. To help, we’re sharing some of our favorite small bedroom organization hacks; happy organizing!

“Spring” Clean

When in doubt, deep clean. Whether you realize it or not, a deep clean can help you manage the amount of things you have in an existing space and help you downsize where you can. This process will help you condense the amount of belongings you have and make it easier to organize anything you simply can't part with. 

Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

Your bed takes up an absurd amount of precious bedroom space. Fortunately, most bed frames leave a lot of unused space underneath the furnishing itself. We suggest you utilize this space, especially if you have a lot of shoes, clothes, or seasonal items that you would otherwise store in a closet. You can find many different types of flat storage systems for this narrow space.

Invest in Closet Storage

If you find that you still have an excess of belongings, use your closet to your advantage by investing in storage systems. Whether you choose baskets, bins, or vacuum-tight containers, these systems are designed to help you maximize a busy space without preventing your ability to successfully navigate the space. 

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