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Laundry Tips for Renters

Laundry is the bane of any renters’ existence, especially for those renters who don’t have a washer and dryer in their apartment or even a public, onsite laundry facility. For those in these situations, are there any easy ways to make laundry day feel a little bit more enjoyable? We’re on a mission to help renters master the art of laundry, starting with this shared list of tips:

Have More Than One Laundry Hamper

Most people have one dirty laundry hamper. While this organization method works for people with an onsite washer and dryer, it’s not so beneficial for renters who have to travel to a laundromat. For these renters, we suggest having more than one laundry hamper that can easily be disassembled for traveling purposes. Each hamper should have a purpose. For example, one can be for lights, another for darks, and a final one for sheets/towels.

Plan Laundry Days

Once you have your laundry hamper system planned out, scheduling laundry days will be super easy to do. Whether you opt to take a longer day to wash and dry both darks and lights or you separate your schedule per hamper, having a routine will help you prioritize your time.

Stop Buying Hand-Wash Only Items

If you find that you collect a lot of hand-wash only items, it might be time to consider pressing the pause button and becoming more mindful when purchasing certain fabrics for your closet or home. These items are difficult to clean and can complicate what’s already an inconvenient chore.

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