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Best Living Room Layouts for Small Apartments

Arranging living room furniture in a small apartment can be challenging! Not only is the goal to achieve a cozy setting but also a functional one. The trick: Finding a layout that won’t feel or look cluttered—a common fault in small room arrangements with a lot of furniture. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can arrange your small living room to avoid this decorating no-no. And we’re going to walk you through two of our favorites:

Pull the Couch Off of the Wall

In small places where the kitchen and living room merge, using the couch as a divider is one of the best ways to define the living space and create a comfy flow. This is also a great option for small living rooms with a large window or sliding glass door—two features that are lovely but tend to restrict layout options. In short, this living room arrangement will give you all three walls to work with instead of one or two.

When in Doubt, Remember Storage is Your Friend

Almost every small apartment could do with more storage. And creating more storage space can be accomplished in your living room with the right layout. To achieve this design, utilize the largest wall in your living room for a large shelving/entertainment unit. Putting a narrow table behind the couch can also provide you with additional storage space as well as a perfect place for lighting.

PepperTree Apartment Layouts

Of course, achieving a functional and comfortable living room layout is close to impossible in a poorly designed apartment. This is one of the many reasons why you should tour your space before signing the lease. At PepperTree Apartment Homes, we encourage everyone to explore our apartment layouts. All are designed with the contemporary homeowner in mind, helping you find the perfect model for your needs. Located in Wildwood, Florida, we are the luxury apartment complex that you can count on for resort-like amenities and a homey feel.