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Moving Checklist for Your New Apartment

You can feel the excitement bubbling up as you prepare for your next adventure in a brand-new city. Before you can dive into this new life, however, there are a few loose ends that you’ll need to tie up, most revolving around the move to your new apartment in Wildwood, FL. Stay tuned as we help you navigate this process with a moving checklist that will have you on your way without the added stress.

Before Moving Day

If you are currently living in an apartment, you’ll need to notify your landlord of your move-out day—preferably one to three months out. During the next few months:

  • Collect packing supplies
  • Figure out moving day transportation
  • Notify utility providers for your current and new apartment to ensure everything is set up on time
  • Schedule your change of address with the post office
  • Get renter’s insurance for your new apartment

On Moving Day

As move-in day approaches, make sure you have properly labeled all of your boxes and thoroughly cleaned your current apartment to ensure you get your security deposit back. After a final check of your apartment, it’s time to move in:

  • Before you get settled, make sure you inspect your new apartment and note any existing damages
  • Go ahead and give your place a good cleaning before moving all of your things in
  • Unpack necessities first and slowly start to warm up to the new area

While these helpful tips are enough to help you organize your thoughts as you prepare for and settle into your new apartment, make sure to do your research before making any major changes.
If you are currently hunting for the perfect apartment in the Wildwood, FL, area, check out PepperTree Apartment Homes. Our luxury, resort-like apartments offer many community-centric amenities, beautifully designed spaces, and various contemporary features—ensuring new and current residents feel completely at home. To learn more about our apartments, contact PepperTree today!