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Renters’ Guide to Apartment Décor

You’ve just scored the apartment of your dreams, but are you ready to get your interior design on? Don’t allow the idea of decorating your apartment haunt your thoughts! There are ways that a renter can successfully make their apartment their own without breaking the bank or leaving damage in the wake of the interior rehaul. Stick around as we help you navigate this new territory with a renters’ guide to apartment décor, and start feeling at home in your new place as soon as possible.

Versatile Furniture is Your Friend

If you are trying to fill your new apartment with furniture, make sure that you choose versatile pieces that can move and work with you in the future. No apartment layout is the same, so having pieces that can work for different layouts throughout your apartment living journey will behoove you in the future.

Focus on Things That You Can Play Up

Hardware, lighting fixtures, curtains, etc.: These are all elements of your rental that can be tweaked to better suit your stylistic needs, and at a friendly price point. Before removing these items, make sure to log them and save them in a safe place for re-installment when you eventually move.

Display Art

Art, books, and personal decorations will all help transform your new home. Hanging art will fill up that empty wall space that can make your home feel like a cave. A good place to go hunting for art is at thrift stores or charity shops!
While jazzing up your apartment with decorations is a sure way to warm the place up and make it feel like home, you need an apartment with good bones to truly make progress. At PepperTree Apartment Homes, you can rest assured that the apartment you invest in will be up to par for all of your decoration dreams. To learn more about our apartments in Wildwood, FL, reach out today!