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Planning to Share That Apartment for Rent? Keep the Peace With Roommate Etiquette 101

As housing costs continue to rise, more and more people are choosing to share their homes with roommates who can pay a portion of the living expenses. If you’re looking for an apartment to rent, and especially if you’d like to enjoy all the benefits of living in a luxury apartment community, you may be thinking about finding one or more roommates to share the expenses with. Or you may already have friends or relatives lined up to be your roommates.
In either case, sharing an apartment with roommates can be a great experience or a nightmare. Here are some Roommate Etiquette 101 basics that can help smooth the way toward peaceful living, courtesy of PepperTree Apartments in Wildwood, near The Villages, Florida:

Consult With Your Roommate About Mutual Concerns

If you have already selected a roommate when you start hunting for an apartment to rent, make sure you bring him or her along when you tour prospective places to live. As you view the floor plans of available apartments, discuss which rooms will be personal spaces and which areas—such as a den or home office—will be shared. If one or both of you have pets, make sure you find a pet-friendly apartment community and agree in advance about who is responsible for any pet fees and potential damages.

Do Your Part With Housekeeping Chores

One of the biggest causes of disputes among roommates is untidy behavior. Make sure you take your turn at cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and avoid leaving junk mail and other clutter on countertops and tables. You’ll also want to be diligent about replacing toilet paper and paper towels when you take the last one from the roll.

Be Thoughtful About Personal Property and Guests

It’s important to remember that your roommate’s belongings—including food in the fridge—are not yours for the taking unless you ask first. You’ll also want to ask about having guests over, especially if they will be in the apartment for hours or overnight.

If you’re looking for an apartment to rent in The Villages area, consider the luxury apartment homes available at PepperTree Apartments in Wildwood, FL. Contact us today for more information.