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Should You Downgrade to a Smaller Apartment?

The number one thought that people have when they think about apartment downsizing is, “welp, there won’t be any storage space.” If that is the only thing holding you back from considering the benefits of a downgrade, please continue reading! Life in a smaller apartment is not as “stuffy” as one might think, and the perks—from monetary to location—are well worth the consideration. Still hesitant? Here’s what you should consider when questioning the decision to downgrade your apartment size:


If your ideal apartment location is near or in a lively city, your chances of scoring a place are exponentially higher when you look at smaller apartment sizes. Not only that, but you’ll be more likely to find a cheaper place in the heart of your favorite city. And who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks on utilities and bills?

What Can You Live Without?

Minimalistic living has become one of the fastest-growing trends, but it’s not for everyone. If you are a collector, downsizing to a smaller apartment will most likely involve extensive purging of items that you no longer need or use—whether you like it or not. Take a quick look around your current living situation and take inventory of what you can live without to see if you are up for the decluttering task.

Creative Storage Solutions

While storage will be limited in a smaller apartment, you can still create an organized living space with creative storage solutions. Multipurpose furnishings that offer everyday functionality without sacrificing style are what you’ll want to splurge on, getting rid of those larger furnishings that will take up a lot of valuable space.

Downsizing or not, the apartments at PepperTree Apartment Homes are designed to fit your every need, thanks to luxury appliances and homey touches. Available in a plethora of sizes and riddled with amenities, these apartments are nestled in Wildwood—the hub of Florida. Contact us today to learn more about our available apartments.