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Signs It's Time to Move to a New Apartment

One of the many benefits to renting an apartment is the freedom that comes from leasing! Long-term leases are usually only a year or 14 months long, allowing you to move around instead of settling. That said, sometimes leases need to end early. If you’re unsure about whether or not you should start looking for a new apartment, consider the following signs:

Shoddy Management

Dealing with an irresponsible manager or landlord? Some managers fail to follow through on residential issues. Be it maintenance and building repairs or noisy neighbor complaints, your manager should be able to provide you with support in a timely manner. If it’s instead taking weeks to get a reply, it may be time to begin your new apartment search.

You’ve Outgrown the Space

Whether you became a plant parent or pet parent this past year or you moved in with a partner, you may have started to outgrow your one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. Instead of living in clutter and chaos, consider looking at a bigger apartment.

Increased Rent

In most cities, rent has climbed to record numbers. And while you can attempt to negotiate with your landlord, the odds of you getting a cheaper lease are slim to none. If you’re in a situation where you can no longer afford your rent, look for a new apartment that’s in your budget or think about getting a roommate.

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